VAGMI has been mentioned in the 108th Rajya Sabha Proceedings

VAGMI has been recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India

VAGMI has been validated by All India Institute of Speech and Hearing Mysore

My association with Vagmi Diagnostic and Therapeutic Software..I am pleased to say that now I find it virtually indispensable in my practice.

Dr Jayakumar, Phono-surgeon, KIMS Hospital, Trivandrum

Most of the children are pronouncing fricative sounds /s/, /sh/ through this system. Earlier it was not possible to make them pronounce these sounds.

Society for education of the deaf and blind, Vizianagaram

Voice and Speech Systems, pioneers in the area of Voice and Speech in India!

VSS works towards empowering the speech and hearing impaired in realizing their ability to speak, communicate and be heard.
The revolutionary products of VSS always promise to deliver cutting-edge research advancements and technologies to individuals and professionals like audiologists, ENT's, SLP's, neurologists and researchers in the area of speech science and forensics.

Path breaking research, thoughtful application and pioneering development defines Voice and Speech Systems. Since its founding in 1985, Voice and Speech Systems has been developing socially relevant products applying in-depth research in the area of voice and speech

Dr. T.V Ananthapadmanabha is the visionary, founder and chief innovator of Voice and Speech Systems.
He holds a PhD degree in electrical communication engineering from Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and is a recipient of the alumni medal from IISc.
He has been conferred with Sir C V Raman award by Acoustical Society of India.
He has worked in world renowned labs such as Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm), Carnegie-Mellon University, (Pittsburgh), AT&T Bell Labs (Murray Hill, NJ), MIT (Cambridge).
He is a collaborator at the All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysore and at the Department of Electrical Engineering, IISC, Bangalore actively involved in research and guiding MSc and doctoral students.

Ananthapadmanabha obtained his B.E. Degree in Electrical Engineering from Bangalore University and B.E, M.E. and PhD degrees in Electrical Communication Engineering from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He has worked in world renowned labs like CMU Pittsburgh, USA; Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm; AT&T Bell Labs, Murray Hill, NJ, USA; MIT, Cambridge, USA. He worked as a professor and Dean of Research at MSRSAS, Bangalore. He is academically associated with the EE Dept., IISc, Bangalore. He is an independent researcher cum entrepreneur.

He established Voice and Speech Systems, Bangalore and is currently its CEO. VSS was the first firm in India to develop software products in the area of speech and hearing like Vagmi, SSL, AudioLab. These products have been developed in collaboration with AIISH, Mysore, recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India and mentioned in Rajya Sabha proceedings. Vagmi was nominated for the President’s Award. These products are being used on a daily basis in a large number of hospitals, clinics and academic institutions.

He has published more than sixty international standard publications which are noted for their originality.
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Dr Ananthapdmanabha is a recipient of IISc Alumni Medal for best research publication in the year 1975 and Dr Sir C V Raman award from the Acoustic Society of India in the year 1990. He is a member of a large number of professional bodies.

Potpourri of Research Articles - T V Ananthapadmanabha (Ed.):

Each volume of the series is a collection of research articles written by the author either alone or with some research collaborators that have not been formally published in peer reviewed journals. The articles are written in an informal style as Technical Notes with emphasis on the main idea and results. Thus, no attempt has been made to present an exhaustive review of the previous works or to cite all the relevant references. The purpose is to share the ideas or thoughts with co-researchers in the field with the hope that these thoughts or ideas may trigger interest in the researchers ultimately resulting in publications in peer reviewed Journals or in some technological applications.

Potpourri of Research Articles in Voice and Speech - PRAVS 1
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You can cite the above as:
T V Ananthapadmanabha et al., "Potpourri of Research Articles in Voice and Speech - PRAVS 1", available at, Voice and Speech Systems, 2023.

Allied Interests:

Dr Ananthapadmanabha is a disciple of Sri Sriranga Mahaguru ( pursuing spiritual sadhana. He has a keen interest in understanding the contribution of the ancient Indian (Sanatana Bharateeya) Rishis. His interest is in the areas of Philosophy, specifically, the concept of Consciousness, Self; Nadi Vijnana, Sound and Form (See Vagmi Tonoscope).

Non-technical publications:

Ananthapadmanabha T V, Inner Workings During Yoga Practice, 1998. This work is based on the teachings of Sri Sriranga Mahaguru.

Ananthapadmanabha T V, Geometry of Srichakra, First edn. (with M N Ramakrishna) 1998, Sec Edn.
Download Geometry_Of_SriChakra.pdf

Ananthapadmanabha T V, Reality of Self and Self as Reality, 1998 (un-published Chapters).
Download Reality_of_Self.pdf

Ananthapadmanabha T V, Modified cycle of fifths and fourths for Karnaric musical scale and related topics, Paper submitted to the National Conference and Annual Music and Dance Festival, Indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha, Bangalore, 26-31 Jan, 2006.
Download Cycle_Of_Fourths_And_Fifths.pdf

Ananthapadmanabha T V, A critical review of instrumentation to record nadi.
Download Nadi.pdf

Ch.6, pp. 28-46 in Yoga Vijnana, The Science and Art of Yoga, Half yearly Journal of Morarji Desai National Inst of Yoga (MDNIY), Vol.1, Issue 1, Apr. - Sep., 2020. Yoga Vijnana - The Science and Art of Yoga, 1(1). Retrieved from

Ananthapadmanabha T V, Concepts of Prayatna and Svara of Shiksha Shastra in light of Experimental Phonetics (Chapter).
Download SS_and_Exp.pdf

Facts about Vagmi range of Products

Facts about Vagmi range of Products:

  • VAGMI has been mentioned in the 108th Rajya Sabha Proceedings
  • VAGMI has been recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India
  • VAGMI has been validated by All India Institute of Speech and Hearing Mysore
  • VAGMI is a proprietary item for which there is NO NEED TO CALL FOR TENDERS
  • VAGMI is being used in hundreds of Institutions all over India both for teaching and clinical work
  • VAGMI has been specially designed for Indian Languages
  • VAGMI comes along with extensive documentation including Tutorials, Validation, Case Studies, Technical Support etc. It comes with voice samples